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Webinar information

December 17, 2021

2:30 – 6:30 PM (CET)

Live webinar

195,- (Free of VAT)

Lisette Abercrombie

Fascinating workshop with many practical examples

– Government employee

Live webinar Facebook investigations - English spoken

Facebook is still one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. For investigators, analysts,  researchers and journalists, this means that Facebook can be an important source of information. In this four-hour live online workshop Lisette Abercrombie will tell you everything about conducting Facebook investigations.
The latest tips and tricks for your Facebook investigations
Lessons from a trainer with years of practical experience
Many practical examples
English spoken
Live webinar Facebook Investigations

About this live webinar

With the live webinar Facebook Investigations you will receive the latests tips and tricks for conducting Facebook investigations. In four hours, Lisette Abercrombie will tell you how to safely and effectively search for information on Facebook and how to secure this information.

In the first part of the webinar we will briefly pay attention to general facts and figures about Facebook. Think about what Facebook exactly is, which target group you will find on Facebook and how many people in different countries of the world are users of Facebook.

Next you will create an attack surface for your Facebook investigation: what information is out there, how can this information be relevant and what to do with data such as names, email adressess, locations and telephone numbers. 

After the general part, you will learn to search for information through the general search bar and through the very complex URL search method. You will not only learn how to use the tool from Sowdust, but also how this tool works and how you can manually build search queries to search for information in a more targeted way.

Next you will learn how to investigate public and private accounts, how to find out user IDs, groups, pages, locations and events, and how to find out mutual friends of two users.

Finally, you will learn how to secure Facebook profiles, friends lists, photos and videos and how to find out a user’s email address. You will also learn how to check whether existing data such as an email address is linked to an account on Facebook.

After this workshop you will receive a digital certificate of participation.

The workshop is intended for investigators, analysts, researchers and investigative journalists from within the public and private sector and for anyone who is involved in gathering information on the social media platform Facebook in the context of research, intelligence and/or law enforcement.

This workshop is suitable for employees of the police, military, intelligence services, special investigative services, customs, private investigation firms, isurance and credit card companies, financial institutions, law firms and (news) editorial teams.

Various learning objectives have been set for this workshop. After attending this workshop:

You will understand what Facebook is and you can describe the audience of Facebook users in different countries around the world
You will know what information you can find on Facebook if you need to conduct investigations on Facebook
You are able to use the search bar, Sowdust’s search tool and the URL to make (complex) search queries to search for information
You are able to investigate both public and private accounts and you will know how to investigate groups, pages, locations and events.
You are able to find out IDs of users, groups, pages, locations and events
You are able to find out the mutual friends of two user accounts
You are able to retrieve an email address of an account and you can find accounts associated with an email address
You are able to secure profiles, friends lists, photos, videos and albums

The price for this workshop is € 195, – exempt from sales tax *. Would you like to follow this workshop in class or live online with your colleagues in-company? Then we will be happy to prepare a quotation based on your wishes.

The workshop includes three 10-minute breaks. After each block there is a short break, with a total break of 30 minutes over the entire workshop.

* The Aware Online Academy can offer you this workshop exempt from sales tax because Aware Online Academy is a Central Register Short Professional Education (CRKBO) registered training institute.

You teacher for this webinar is Lisette Abercrombie.

Lisette Abercrombie has been with the Dutch Police for over 8 years and has more than 12 years of experience in conducting open source research. By using her knowledge and skills, she has been able to contribute in recent years in drug, murder and missing cases.

In her spare time, Lisette shares knowledge in the field of OSINT under the name @technisette and likes to immerse herself in social media platforms and OSINT techniques. Lisette is a former teacher and has extensive experience in transferring knowledge.

This workshop will be provided to you as a live webinar via the online conferencing platform Zoom. To participate in this workshop you will need the following:
A desktop or laptop
A second screen or computer (optional, but recommended)
A stable (wireless) internet connection
A Facebook account
The software of Zoom (free)
Working on a mobile phone and/or tablet unfortunately is not suitable for this workshop. We advise you to use one screen to watch the webinar and to be able to apply what you have learned in practice on another screen. Prior to your webinar, you will receive detailed instructions from us about the use of the online conferencing platform Zoom.