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Workshop information

22-23 October 2020

2:00 AM – 5:30 PM (UTC+2/CEST)

Live webinar

397,- (VAT-free)

Nico “Dutch_OsintGuy”

Very useful to get more relevant results in less time

– Employee Government Organisation

Workshop advanced searching and monitoring with Google for professionals

Have you always wanted to know how Google indexes the internet? Why is it that certain results are always at the top of the search results? Or why you can’t find the right links and results? Do you want to learn to formulate your search questions in such a way that you get the most relevant results possible? How you can continue to monitor these queries? Or how to create a Custom Google search engine? Then the Google advanced workshop is suitable for you.

Learn to Google like a pro
Save valuable time by searching effectively
Only get really relevant results
Monitor the queries you create
Create Custom Search Engines (CSE’s)

Read more about this workshop below.

Workshop Google voor gevorderden

About this workshop

During the live Google advanced webinar, Nico “Dutch_OsintGuy” Dekens teaches you how the algorithms under the hood of Google work. Knowing how Google works and knowing how to influence Google to filter out certain noise and ballast will make your results far more relevant and precise.

This means that you spend less time looking at irrelevant information in your online investigations. In addition, you will learn how to make optimal use of the Google search interface, so that you only have really relevant results. By carefully building up so-called search queries and using targeted Boolean search operators, you will learn how to search quickly, efficiently, and structured within the Google index.

Once you have learned the principles of the search algorithms and search queries, you will proceed to automate repeated searches. This way you learn how you can continuously monitor certain search questions for further research and analysis purposes. The day ends with an explanation of how to create your own Custom Search Engines. This is fully customized by responding to topics and/or interests that are relevant to you.

The workshop is intended for investigators, analysts and researchers from within the public and private sector and anyone who is involved in the collection of information on the internet in the context of investigation, enforcement or intelligence.

This workshop is suitable for employees of the police, military, intelligence services, special investigative services, National Criminal Investigation Teams, supervising authorities, municipalities, Customs, insurance and credit card companies, banks, private investigative agencies, law firms, (news) editorial offices and companies with internal fraud departments.

The purpose of the Google advanced workshop is that after following this workshop you will know how you can use Google to searchvery effectively for information and how you can use Google to monitor search queries. You understand how Google works and how you can use Google optimally in your own investigations.

The price for this workshop is € 397,- exempt from sales tax*. Study materials are included in the price of this workshop. Would you like to follow this workshop in-company after 1 June 2020? We would like to offer you a quotation based on your wishes.

* The Aware Online Academy can offer you this workshop exempt from sales tax because Aware Online Academy is a Central Register Short Vocational Education (CRKBO)-registered training institute.

The trainer for this workshop is Nico “Dutch OsintGuy” Dekens.

Nico Dekens has more than 20 years of experience as an intelligence analyst at the Dutch National Police. He analyzed murder cases, international drug cases, stolen art cases, serious organized crime and political unrest, and he conducted research into online jihadist groups. Nico worked as a Senior Project Manager at Bellingcat. Nico has extensive experience as a keynote speaker, OSINT trainer and consultant with Fortune 500 companies and governments.

Online, Nico is known as Dutch_OsintGuy, co-founder of the OsintCurious project.

The workshop of October 22-23, 2020 will be provided as a live webinar. So you can follow this workshop at home or from your work location.

This workshop lasts 2 days in total. The class times of this workshop are from 2:00am to 5:30pm (UTC+2/Central European Summer Time). Depending on the number of questions from the students present, the workshop may end a little little later than 5:30 PM.

This workshop will be given in 2020 on:
October 22-23, 2020 | Teacher: Nico “Dutch_OsintGuy” | Online webinar
Date follows | Teacher: Nico “Dutch_OsintGuy” | Location follows.

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