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9:30 – 16:30

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1.675,- (free of VAT)


This training program is highly applicable in the daily practice.

     – Government employee

OSINT-training I (Beginner) - English spoken

Everyday millions of messages, photos and videos are shared on the internet and social media. This large amount of data yields an important source of information for investigators, researchers and analysts. This interactive 3-day training is designed to teach you how to find the right information quickly and safely.

Safely conduct internet investigations
Effectively search for data from open sources
Structure and analyze the information found
Report and present your findings

This training is part of the SPEN-Registeropleiding “Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist®“.

About this training

After completion of this 3-day OSINT-training you will become a Certified Open Source Investigator®.

This OSINT-training is more than an entry-level introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). Through this training we teach you how the internet is build, what kind of traces you leave behind on the internet and how to prevent these traces. You will gain a profound understanding of the differences in finding information on the clear web, deep web and dark web by practicing different search methods through search engines, websites and social media platforms.

After completing the training, you are ready to conduct an open source intelligence investigation and you will be able to succesfully create reports of your findings. This three day training is part of the SPEN-Registeropleiding to become a Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist®.

This OSINT-training is helpful for investigators, analysts and researchers from both the public and private sector and for anyone who is engaged with the task of searching for information on the internet.

This OSINT-training is suitable for law enforcement, intelligence personnel, private investigators, insurance investigators, researchers, recruiters, sourcers, customer due diligence analyst, lawyers, governments and (local) authorities.

After completing this training the professional will be able to conduct a secure, effective and high-quality open source intelligence investigation within current Dutch legal frameworks. The professional is able to succesfully create case reports and to present and explain its findings.

Day one focuses on the intelligence cycle, IP addresses, browser-extensions, online traces, security and privacy risks, surface web, search engines, Google advanced operators and website investigations.

Day two focuses on more techniques to investigate websites, legal frameworks, the geolocation of photos and videos, reverse image searching and meta and exif data extraction.

Day three focuses on advanced Facebook investigations, Twitter, Instagram, proxy servers, VPN, the TOR network and deep and dark web investigations.

Please check out our brochure for the full list of the training objectives.

This training will be completed with passing a digital exam to become a Certified Open Source Investigator®.

The costs for open registrations are € 1.675,- free of VAT*. A lunch buffet, coffee, tea, soda’s, snacks and study materials are included. Of course we are happy to provide you with a tailormade offer for an in-company training proposal.

* Due to its registration at the Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO), Aware Online Academy is able to offer training programs free of Value Added Tax (VAT). 

The training will be provided on the location of BCN Amsterdam Arena in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Accessibility by public transport/car
BCN Amsterdam Arena is located within walking distance (a 5 minute walk) from the train station Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena. BCN has a public (paid) parking lot “Antarctica P(9). Alternatives are the P+R ArenA Transferium and the parking (P10), both within walking distance from the training location.

The total duration of this OSINT-training is three days. Class times are from 9:30 AM until 16:30 PM.

This training will be provided on request.