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9:30 – 16:30 (CET)

Live online

1.675,- (free of VAT)

English spoken (EU, UK, Swiss and Norwegian nationals only)


This training program is highly applicable in the daily practice.

     – Government employee

OSINT-training II (Professional) - English spoken

Have you succesfully completed the OSINT-training I (Beginner) and do you want to dive deeper into the world of Open Source Intelligence? Then this course may be of interest to you. The 3-day interactive OSINT-training II (Professional) program deepens and broadens your OSINT expertise and is part of the accredited SPEN-Registertraining Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist® and the Post HBO Registertraining Certified Open Source Intelligence Expert®.

A follow up of the OSINT-training I (Beginner)
Broaden and deepen your OSINT skills
New techniques and (international) social media
Training from experienced OSINT practitioners
Part of an official SPEN-Registeropleiding

In order to become a Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist® you must have succesfully completed the OSINT-training I (Beginner).

About this course

After completion of this 3-day OSINT-training you will become a Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist®.

The OSINT-training II (Professional) is a follow up of the OSINT-training I (Beginner) and is part of the accredited SPEN-Registeropleiding Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist®. This 3-day interactive training program broadens and deepens earlier discussed Open Source Intelligence methods, tools and techniques. After completing this training the student has a high-level knowledge of and experience with the use of Open Source Intelligence. The student is able to conduct safe and effective internet investigations and can successfully create structured case reports.

This OSINT-training is helpful for investigators, analysts and researchers from both the public and private sector and for anyone who is engaged with the task of searching for information on the internet.

This OSINT-training is suitable for law enforcement, intelligence personnel, private investigators, insurance investigators, researchers, investigative journalists, recruiters, sourcers, customer due diligence analyst, lawyers, governments and (local) authorities.

For security reasons only EU, UK, Swiss and Norwegian nationals are admitted to the training.

After completing this training the professional will be able to conduct a secure, effective and high-quality open source intelligence investigation within current legal frameworks. The professional is able to succesfully create case reports and to present and explain its findings.

Day one focuses on the use of virtual machines (Linux Ubuntu) within internet investigations. The student will dive deeper into the gathering information from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), YouTube and Strava. The student will broaden its techniques for investigating websites and learns how to analyze open source information from Wi-Fi networks.

Day two focuses on the use of Android Emulators. The student will learn how to investigate mobile applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, X (Twitter), Snapchat and Tinder. The student furthermore will have a closer look at effectively gathering information from both the deep and the dark web and will get an insight in how encryption works.

Day three focuses on creating OSINT-flowcharts in order to structure future online investigations. With this flowcharts, the student for example has a starting point when dealing with email addresses or phone numbers.

Please check out our brochure for the full list of training objectives.

This training will be completed with passing a digital exam to become a Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist®.

The costs for open registrations are € 1.775,- free of VAT* for organisations that are tax exempted. For organisations that have no tax exemption, the costs will be € 1.775,- excluding VAT.

Of course we are happy to provide you with a tailormade offer for an in-company training proposal. Please contact us for more information.

* Due to its registration at the Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO), Aware Online Academy is able to offer training programs free of Value Added Tax (VAT). 

This training is provided to you as a live online training via the online conferencing platform Microsoft Teams. To participate in this workshop you will need the following:

A computer or laptop (see hardware specifications below)
A stable internet connection (required)
Microsoft Teams software (required)
Software to open Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF files (required)
Mozilla Firefox webbrowser (required)
Google Chrome webbrowser (required)
TOR webbrowser (required)

All course preparations will be send to you no later than three weeks before that start of the training. Please be advised that the course preparations for this training will take approximately 4 hours of your time. All training demonstrations will be shown in a Windows 11 environment.

Hardware specifications:

Windows 10/11 (latest version) or MacOS (10.15.x or higher)
CPU: 64-bit processor (a minimum of i5 is required)
BIOS/UEFI: VT-x or AMD-V enabled (required)
RAM: 8 GB (or more)
Free disk space: 25 GB (or more)
Security: you should be able to download programs (browsers, extensions, etc.)