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OSINT Support

Are you looking for information about a person, company, network or organization but are you stuck in your investigation? Do you just need a little more information to be able to proceed? Or are you looking for a temporary or lengthy implementation for your project? We are more than happy to help you.

Aware Online specializes in open source Intelligence (OSINT) and social media Intelligence (SOCMINT), which is also known in the Netherlands as ‘Open Bronnen Onderzoek’ and “internet-rechercheren”. Our specialists are information-pitbulls who, from both personal and professional interests, deal with finding information about people, companies, networks and organisations, on a daily basis.

Contact us

Directly speak to one of our specialists? Please contact us. You can also check out our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training events.

How can we help you?

Finding someones current whereabouts
Tracing the exact (geo)location of where something has happened
Tracing (hidden) assets
Finding someones (forbidden) work activities
Investigating someones (financial) integrity
Finding (hidden) accounts on social media platforms
Tracing (hidden) information such as email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, images, videos, messages and documents.
Tracing the ‘ultimate beneficial owner’ (UBO)
Analyzing (the metadata of) photo and video imagery
Investigating someones involvement with (international) companies
Conducting Client and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) investigations
Investigating the (sale of) counterfeit products and infringement of intellectual property rights.
Conducting investigations into different phenomenons
Monitoring online activities
Mapping en deleting harmful and privacy sensitive information
Mapping social networks of a subject