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09:00 – 12:00 (CET)

Live online workshop

150,- (free of VAT)


English spoken

Fascinating workshop with many practical examples

 – Government employee

Live online workshop Telegram Investigations - English spoken

Telegram is a free application where users can exchange encrypted and self-destructing messages, photos, videos and files. Due to its extensive privacy functions and accessible nature, Telegram attracts a mix of criminals, troublemakers and hate groups. For example, items such as drugs, firearms and heavy fireworks are offered and sold in groups. In other groups, demonstrations or other forms of incitement are being prepared. In short: Telegram contains a wealth of information. In this three-hour live online workshop you will learn everything about conducting an investigation on Telegram.
The latest tips & tricks for conducting an investigation on Telegram
Lessons from a trainer with current and extensive practical experience
Including many practical assignments to master the material
Live online workshop Onderzoek op Telegram

About this workshop

The workshop is intended for investigators, analysts, researchers and investigative journalists from the public and private sectors and for anyone involved in collecting information from the Telegram chat application in the context of investigation, intelligence, public order and/or law enforcement.

The following learning objectives have been established for this live online workshop.
You understand what Telegram is and what Telegram is used for
You know the differences between the mobile version, the web version and the desktop version of Telegram
You know what information to find on Telegram if you need to do some research
You know how to search for messages, users, groups and channels on Telegram
You know how to download/preserve the content of a group or channel
You know how to collect user IDs and historical usernames
You are able to find users by phone number
You know how to find users and groups by location
You know how to extract exif data (such as GPS coordinates) from images

The costs for open registrations are € 150,- free of VAT* for organisations that are tax exempted. For organisations that have no tax exemption, the costs will be € 150,- excluding VAT.

Of course we are happy to provide you with a tailormade offer for an in-company training proposal. Please contact us for more information.

* Due to its registration at the Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO), Aware Online Academy is able to offer training programs free of Value Added Tax (VAT). 

This workshop is provided to you as a live online workshop via the online conferencing platform Microsoft Teams. To participate in this workshop you will need the following:
A computer or laptop
A mobile smartphone or BlueStacks 5
A prepaid sim card
A stable internet connection
Microsoft Teams software (free)
The desktop version of Telegram
The mobile (app) version of Telegram
A (fake) account on Telegram
A (fake) account on Gmail
A VPN connection (optional, but advised)
A second monitor (optional, but advised)
Please note: if you want to actively participate in practicing assignments during the workshop, we advise you to have a (fake) Telegram account and both the desktop version and mobile version of Telegram. For the mobile version of Telegram you can use a mobile phone or tablet or the BlueStacks software  (version 5). Prior to your workshop, you will receive a document containing detailed information about how you can best prepare for the workshop.