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What is Open Source intelligence?

You may be wondering what Open Source Intelligence means. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a method by which you can produce information and intelligence based on data from public sources. This information from public sources can include texts, photos, videos, and audio recordings, but also phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts.

By effectively searching for data and analysing it correctly, you can suddenly have information that can be of added value in investigations into fraud, scams and criminal or even terrorist activities. The data you investigate are accessible to everyone, but you need to have the right knowledge, skills and OSINT tools to find them.

Open Source Intelligence Training

Do you want to have knowledge and skills related to Open Source Intelligence? Check out the various OSINT training events that our Aware Online Academy offers. For instance, we have developed a six-day SPEN Register Training to become a Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist® . This training consists of the three day OSINT-Training I (Beginner) and the three day OSINT-training II (Professional). Of course, we also offer these training events in English. In addition, we are busy with several deepening workshops.

Who follow an Open Source Intelligence training?

Want to get more out of your research within open sources on the Internet? Or do you want to specialize in the field of Internet investigations? Then an OSINT training may be something for you. Our training events are aimed at detectives, analysts and researchers from both the public and the private sector. In addition, our OSINT training events are suitable for anyone who is engaged in research on the Internet in the context of detection, law enforcement or intelligence.


We have written a number of scripts that allow you to conduct targeted investigations on online information. Aware Online Academy offers you these OSINT tools free of charge. For example, on the OSINT tools page, there are tools for research on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will also find tools for researching phone numbers, email addresses and usernames. On the OSINT tools page, the tools are located on the left side of the page. In addition to tools, we also offer you free OSINT tutorials which you can use in your investigations.

Do you want to become a Open Source Intelligence Specialist?

Would you like to become an OSINT specialist? Follow our six-day SPEN-Register Training to become a Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist®. After completing this course you will receive a diploma from the Stichting Permanente education Nederland (SPEN). Also You will be enrolled in the Abiturient register of the Centre for Post-Initial education Netherlands (CPION) and you will receive personal education (PE) points.

Are you enthusiastic and would you like to follow one of our OSINT training events? Then you can register here. Of course you can always contact us for other questions. You can mail us via info@aware-online.com Or you can contact us by phone at +31 (0)76 53 29 610. For emergencies Please call + 31 (0) 612027301.