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OSINT podcasts

Looking for OSINT podcasts? In the overview below you will find various podcasts in the field of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), Privacy, Hacking, Red Teaming, Blue Teaming, Brand Protection, Automation and more!

The Privacy, Security & OSINT show

This is Michael Bazzel’s podcast from Inteltechniques.com. The podcast covers the topics of Privacy, Security and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

The Privacy, Security & OSINT Show

The World of Intelligence

In this podcast, various episodes with different guests reflect on and discuss matters from the OSINT world. Think of ‘OSINT Ethical Considerations with Amy Zegart’ or ‘Mis/disinformation in Open Source Intelligence’.

The World of Intelligence

Cloak & Dagger – An OSINT podcast

Cloak & Dagger is a podcast about OSINT. Journalist MJ Banias discusses matters from the OSINT world every two weeks.

Cloak & Dagger

The OSINTion

This is Joe Gray’s OSINT podcast. In this podcast, Joe and several guests talk about OSINT, Threat Intelligence, INFOSEC, Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics and more.

The OSINTion

The OSINT Jobs Podcast

The OSINT community has grown enormously: OSINT is being used in more and more places. This podcast discusses the various positions of OSINT specialists in the field and their careers.

The OSINT Jobs Podcast

OSINT Studio

This is a German-language podcast by Matthias Wilson and Samuel Lolagar where OSINT is the central topic.

OSINT Studio

Darknet Diaries

This is a podcast about hackers, data leaks, cybercrime and everything that happens on hidden parts of the internet. They are all true stories.

Darknet Diaries

The OSINT Curious Project

Unfortunately, The OSINT Curious Project has discontinued it, but their podcasts can still be heard. The OSINT Curious Project provided OSINT news (blogs, instructional videos, etc). This also included a bi-weekly podcast. You can still listen to this on Spotify.

OSINT Curious

Het belang van Open Source Intelligence (Dutch)

Foeke Postma, investigative journalist at Bellingcat, is a guest in this Dutch spoken podcast, who talks about the revelations, working method and role of Bellingcat in Ukraine.

Het belang van Open Source Intelligence

Hoe Foeke Postma van Bellingcat kernwapens in Europa vond en een leger intelligence-nerds traint (Dutch)

Foeke Postma, investigative journalist at Bellingcat, talks about Bellingcat and the work they do, about his contribution to Bellingcat and about how you train people in operating OSINT in this Dutch spoken episode of ‘With nerds around the table’.

Hoe Foeke Postma van Bellingcat kernwapens in Europa vond en een leger intelligence-nerds traint

Open Source Intelligence – op onderzoek in de diepste krochten van het internet (Dutch)

In this Dutch spoken episode of ‘Wat de Hack?!’ attention is paid to Open Source Intelligence. Nico Dekens is a guest and talks about OSINT in practice and keeping your own digital footprint small.

Wat de hack podcast

The Missing Cryptoqueen: Episode 10 – The Dubai Files

This episode focuses on Ruja Ignatova, a woman who calls herself “The Cryptoqueen” who invented a rival cryptocurrency to Bitcoin: OneCoin. But after many millions of investments, The Cryptoqueen disappears: OneCoin turns out to be one of the biggest crypto scams in history. The podcast discusses this story and how to find out the whereabouts of The Cryptoqueen, through OSINT.

The Missing Cryptoqueen

Maltego Podcast – ‘The Pivot’

Maltego has released several episodes centered on OSINT. Each episode features a different speaker who talks about his or her experiences and research in the field of Open Source Intelligence.

Maltego The Pivot

Bellingcat Podcasts

Bellingcat has made several episodes, including about their investigation into MH17, where Bellingcat played a major role in the evidence. You will also hear how they investigated executions in a desert and the subsequent hunt for these killers.

Bellingcat Podcasts

Chasing Charlie

This is a true crime podcast about the search for ‘Charlie’, who allegedly abused and defrauded women. Julia, a private investigator, investigates and uses OSINT to solve cases.

Chasing Charlie

Breadcrumbs by Trace Labs

Trace Labs is a Canadian volunteer organization that conducts missing persons research through crowd sourcing and OSINT. The organization has made several episodes.

Breadcrumbs by Trace Labs

De vrouw met duizend gezichten (Dutch)

This Dutch spoken podcast follows the mysterious disappearance of an investigative journalist in fictional Kazakhstan. A hacker will investigate from the Netherlands and take you along.

De vrouw met duizend gezichten

Hoe Mary uit Den Haag de Capitoolbestormers opspoorde (Dutch)

On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters forcibly entered the US Parliament. Many of these violent Capitol stormers were eventually arrested thanks to OSINT. The work of OSINT Mary has contributed to this. Her group of volunteer investigators called the Capitol Terrorists Exposers aided law enforcement.

Hoe Mary uit Den Haag de Capitoolbestormers opspoorde

Cyber Sector 7, OSINT, Hacking & Privacy

This podcast informs you about digital privacy, OSINT methods, hacker methods and news about it. The purpose of the podcast: “We want to make you aware of the importance of security and privacy, even if you have little knowledge of computers.”

Cyber Sector 7

Do you have any tips for an OSINT podcast?

Do you know an OSINT podcast that is not in the overview above? Then we would like to hear from you! Together we can ensure that there is an overview of OSINT podcasts that is as complete as possible. Very nice for anyone looking for an OSINT podcast.