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Our customers

We provide training and support in the field of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for detectives, analysts and researchers from both the public and private sector. These OSINT training events and support are suitable for anyone who is engaged in professional and/or in the context of detection, law enforcement, supervision or intelligence in the information on the Internet.

At Aware Online Academy is customers play an important role. We think it is important to meet your needs with our trainings or support. In addition to our open registrations, we regularly provide tailor made trainings that are tailored to you in terms of duration and content. These trainings can be provided at one of our locations or at your in-company. Of course this also applies to our support.

Who do we work for?

National Police
Defense and en intelligence services
Special investigations services (FIOD, ISZW-DO, NVWA-IOD, ILT-IOD)
The Royal Military Police
Criminal Investigations Teams
Supervisors (AFM, ACM, ISZW, ILT, NVWA)
Local municipalities
The RIEC and the LIEC
The customs
Insurance companies
Credit card companies
Financial institutions and law firms
Private investigation firms
Comanies with internak fraud departments

More information

Do you want to follow an OSINT training with us? Do you need short-term or long-term support in your research? Or can we advise you in your OSINT investigations? Please contact us.

We are happy to come by without obligation to discuss whether we can do something for each other. Of course you are also always welcome at our location. The coffee is ready.

Our certifications

The Aware Online Academy is registered as a training institute at the Central Register of Short Vocational education (CRKBO). In addition, the training Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist® is accredited by the Stichting Permanente Education Nederland (SPEN) on behalf of the Centre for Post Initial education Nederland (CPION). We have also set up an advisory committee which supervises the quality of training.