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Our expertise

From virtual machines to image verification, from GEO locations to IP addresses and from software applications to monitoring tools. One thing is certain: our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and social media Intelligence (SOCMINT).

Our employees are information pitbulls who are working on a daily basis from personal interest and for clients to get and analyze information about people, companies, organizations and networks on the Internet. Our employees are constantly looking for new opportunities to specialize in their field. Our expertise remains up to date.

Do you want to follow an OSINT training with us? Do you need short-term or long-term support in your investigations? Or can we advise you in your OSINT investigations? Please contact us.

What are we good at?

The mapping of social networks
Effectively using (people) search engines
Using search operators (like Google and Bing operators)
Geolocating: based on image, video and satellite imagery
Verification of news media, images, videos (fake news)
Investiating image and video imagery
Finding cached, archived and deleted data
Investigating email addresses and usernames
Investigating phone numbers and adresses
Investigating websites, domain names and IP addresses
Using Windows software applications like Maltego
Connecting with API’s
Linux Buscador VM / Microsoft Windows VM / Virtual Box / VM Ware Fusion
Using bootable USB’s and Tails
Using python based scripts as Recon-NG, Spiderfoot, Photon
Monitoring persons, organizations, networks and websites
Companies and (international) company registers
Conducting investigations on the Dark Web using the TOR-netwerk
Exporting, preserving and presenting the collected data
Creating and using fake accounts and threats models
Using anonymous email addresses and phone numbers (VOIP)
Documenting and presenting findings