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In some investigations, it may be necessary to recognize the make or model of a car in a photo. If you are a car enthusiast yourself, it may not be that difficult. But if you are less interested in cars, or if the car in the photo is not very visible, estimating a make or model can be quite difficult. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) can help you in some cases. You can read more about that in this blog.

The case: you have a photo of a car and you would like to know what the make or model of the car is

On the right you see an image of a car. Do you know the make and model of this car? And can you estimate the year of manufacture of the car in the photo? A good chance not, at least if you are not a car enthusiast. Fortunately, there are websites that can estimate the brand, model and year of manufacture based on artificial intelligence. One of these websites is https://carnet.ai.

Auto voorbeeld

A solution based on artificial intelligence (AI)

The website https://carnet.ai uses artificial intelligence, also known as AI. Via the website Carnet.ai you can upload a photo of a car (or add a link to a photo), after which you can see the make, model and year of the car in the photo. The website itself claims to be 97% accurate when it comes to cars built in 1995 or later. Definitely worth it!


How can you use the website?

Using the Carnet.ai website is very simple. First of all, you need the photo of the car for which you want to determine the make, model and year of manufacture. You now have a choice of three options. Option 1 is to upload the photo of the car (see arrow 1), option 2 is to fill in the link to the photo (see arrow 2) and option 3 is to drag the photo to the appropriate box (see arrow 3). The website Carnet.ai does the rest on its own. Easy, right?


View the result

After you have added the photo you will immediately see whether you have a result. Do you get a result? In many cases you will then see the car make, the car model and the year of manufacture of the car. You also see the percentage of the certainty of the model according to Carnet. Finally, you see the color of the car and the angle from which the photo was taken.

Auto AI

I can’t see any result…

Can’t see any results? Then it may be that the website does not recognize the car, that you have not uploaded the photo correctly or that the file type is not accepted. It is also possible that you have added a link to a photo that is not public. So give it a try!

Note: Carnet.ai is a third party website!


The website Carnet.ai is built by a third party. We have no interest in this website, nor have we investigated what the website does with the data sent to the website by users. In addition, keep in mind that you as a user may also be monitored. Always consider whether using a third party website is desirable.

More information?

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