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Email search tool - Investigating an email address

An email address is one of the most valuable pieces of information for an OSINT investigator. An investigator may for example easily find related accounts on social media or find out what websites are registered with the email address. The custom search tool below can be helpful when investigating an email address.

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   (E-mailadres verification | Hunter.io)
   (Search engine | Google)
   (Search engine| Bing)
   (Search engine | Yandex)
   (Search engine | Baidu)
   (Clustering Engine | Carrot2)
   (Email to LinkedIn account)
   (Reverse email lookup | ThatsThem)
   (E-mail to domainname | ViewDNSinfo)
   (E-mail to domainname | Whoxy)
   (Hacked databases | HaveIBeenPwned)
   (Hacked databases | Dehashed)
   (Hacked databases | Pastebin)

Extra toelichting

Using our custom scripts will automatically redirected you to to search engines and websites of external parties. Aware Online Academy has no interest in these services and Aware Online Academy is not responsible for its use.

Do you need any help?

As we mentioned before, email addresses are highly valuable information for OSINT practitioners. Please check out our OSINT checklist and list of OSINT tools for more information about investigating email addresses. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.