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Vimeo search tool - Investigating Vimeo

With this OSINT tool you can quickly conduct research on Vimeo . Quickly search for videos, people, channels and groups and don’t forget to switch on the ‘Mature content’ to get even more results. Are you curious about how to conduct investigations on YouTube? Then click on the the link for our YouTube search tool .

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Additional note

If you use the above tools, in some cases you will be automatically redirected to a third-party website. Aware Online Academy has no interest in these services and Aware Online Academy is not liable for its use.

Do you need any help?

Above are just a few tools that can help you in your research on Vimeo. There are of course more methods that can be used to conduct online investigations. The specialists of the Aware Online Academy can assist you with your investigations if you get stuck and they can advise you on the methods and techniques to be used. Our specialists can also support you when you come across videos on platforms other than Vimeo. Please contact us for more information.

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Do you want to know more about how you can conduct (in-depth) research into videos in general and videos on Vimeo in particular? Or do you have additions to this article yourself? Then let us know!