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Reddit search tool - Reddit investigations

Use the custom search tools below to effectively search for information on Reddit. For example, search for users (“redditors”), posts (“reddits”), tags (“flairs”), categories (“subreddits”), URL’s, websites, text within posts and for NSFW items. You don’t need an account on Reddit to use the custom tools below.

 (Fills in all fields)

   (Reddit | search for an author)
   (Reddit | search for the title of a post)
   (Reddit | search for tags / “flairs”)
   (Reddit | search for a subreddit)
   (Reddit | search for text within a URL)
   (Reddit | search for a website / domain name)

More information

The custom tools above can help you with running advanced search queries on Reddit. Of course much more is possible. Do you want to know more about how to conduct in-depth research into a user on Reddit? Then please contact us .