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Company search tool - Investigating companies

In a lot of OSINT investigations you will have to dive deeper into the structure of companies and their directors. For example, think of a client that wants to have more information about the ultimate beneficial owner(s) of a company. Use the custom script below to gather more information about companies in both inside and outside the Netherlands. This tool might especially be handy for CDD, AML and KYC analists.

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Additional notes

Our customs scripts below will forward you to third party websites. The Aware Online Academy has no interest in these websites and is not liable for its use.

Do you need any help?

The custom scripts on this page might become handy when investigating companies, but of course there are way more methods and techniques to find out more information about companies. Please have a look at our list of OSINT tools for investigating companies. Would you like to receive more information about tools and techniques to investigate companies? Please contact us.