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People search tool

In many OSINT investigations you will be looking for information about a person. For example, you search for background information, assets, or accounts on someone’s social media. The way you search for information will have a lot of impact on the results you see. The the following custom OSINT tool can help you to effectively search for people on the internet.

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   (Yandex | exact search East-EU)
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Additional Notes

By using the above tools you will be automatically redirected to search engines and websites of external parties. Aware Online Academy has no interest in these services and Aware Online Academy is not responsible for the use of scripts on this page and of scrips of third party services.

Need help?

The above are just a few tools that can help you in your research on individuals. Of course, there are many more methods by which research can be committed. For example, look at our username tools. The specialists at the Aware Online Academy can also advise you about using other OSINT methods and techniques.